Hi there fellow Tumblrers! cranberrydelight here.

So, as you might have noticed, this is where I'll start posting my art from now on. Probably because my main blog is a mishmash of just about everything. So to keep it 'organized' I planned to set up this...so, yeah.

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im sorry if this sounds a bit rude, but how do you even art??????? as in seriously your stuff is great i love it
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I decided to make an art (mainly digital art) masterpost with all my bookmarks since they were starting to become a huge mess. It has some other stuff too… I’m doing this for me but maybe someone finds this stuff useful too:-) xx

Art blogs
Animation blogs 
ArteyAnimacion (this one is in spanish)
Animation & CGI
The Animator’s Survival kit (link to buy the dvds)
ColorCollective (palettes)
Great Pinterest Color board
Skin Tone Swatches 1 (PS)
Skin Tone Swatches 2 (PS)
Digital Art blogs 
barryjohnson77 (he works for disney since 1990)
Digital Drawing Tutorials
“For the Rose Brid” Step-by-step (not really a tutorial but it’s good to watch other’s painting process)
A redraw with some tips
Adding details to skin
Blending tutorial
Blending Tutorial 2 (video)
Concept Cookie (site full of tutorials)
Coloring skin
Hair Palette Chart
How to draw Butts  ◕ω◕✿
How to draw Clouds
How to draw Bubbles
How to draw Eyes & Lashes
How to draw Grass
How to draw a portrait in photoshop
How to Fake Different Art Styles
Lighting (advanced / video)
Perfecting LineArt and Texture (more like a speed-painting, but the artist tells you what tools he used during the video )
Simple Underwater Tutorial
Digital Drawing brushes 
6 Brush-sets from great artits (read the description for the other 5)
Brush Sampler 1 | Brush Sampler 1 (SAI)
Copic Brushes
Skin brushes (PS 7 and up)
Great Brush-set
Traditional Art Drawing Tutorials
Composition Tips by Bill Peet
Color-zones of the face
How to draw eyes (really basic)
How to draw heels (really basic)
Lessons & Tips for Self-taught artists
Proportions of the Human Head (really basic)
Drawing Reference
Anatomy Reference blog
Figure, face & expression, animals, hands & feets
PoseManiacs (Reference for poses)
PoseManiacs Hands Viewer (For some reason the first 3 aren’t hands idk why)
Sitting poses
Understanding Anatomy part 1  (the description has the links for the part 2-7)
Youtube accounts with tutorials & speed-painting
PortraitDrawing  (Speedpainting)
Sharpie2319 (Speedpainting)
TylersArtShack (Traditional Art tutorials & tips)
Zyra333 (Traditional Art Tutorials for Fashion Illustration)
Pinterest is great for inspiration! (awesome art boards)
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